Hands On Solutions

Alice Lourens

Alice Lourens

Managing Director


Alice is responsible for the smooth management of the back office pertaining to all the financial and administration affairs of managing a scheme.

She has a strong financial background and excelled in her previous financial positions as Standard Bank’s Credit Manager and JSE Settlements Manager, to mention just a few. She was part of the group who spent the JSE’s last trading day on the floor before they went to STRATE and the floor was closed down.

She believes in growing the business as much as the people who employed within the company.

Alice successfully obtained her Paddocks Sectional Title Management certificate through the UCT Law Faculty, and is one of only 7 people countrywide who has been endorsed by Paddocks to present trustee training courses, recognised by both UCT and Paddocks.

Alice is well connected to legal experts in the field and makes use of the knowledge she gains from them on a daily basis.

Besides her passion for work, she is an animal activist who spends her spare time fighting for animal rights.


To give hands on solutions, assistance and guidance to Body Corporates and Home Owner Associations in the overall management functions – planning, organising, directing and control plays a key role.

We aim to be fully accountable and to always maintain our integrity and honesty in all client dealings and interactions as the client is our number one priority


    • To employ effective communication methods (Trustees and owners have direct access to Body Corporate information)
    • To provide full access to Body Corporate portfolio manager(s)
    • We are qualified and knowledgeable regarding the Sectional Titles Act
    • To ensure reliable, accurate and timeous financial feedback to all individuals using our service
    • To implement and enforce a strict debtors policy
    • To implement short, medium and long term financial planning to meet the clients needs.
    • To provide effective and constant on site project management.
    • To frequently educate ourselves as well as knowing that we are all informed and up to date with legal developments regarding sectional title law and company law (H.O.A.’s)
    • To maintain at all time fully integratable technology


We operate on the Unibase Property Management System©. We aim to be fully accountable and to always maintain our integrity and honesty in all client dealings and interactions as the client is our number one priority.

UniProp© is a software solution that caters for the specific needs of property managers, property agents, property owners and Home Owners’ Associations. UniProp© will assist with the management of levy collections; disbursements; issuing of statements and controlling the affairs, finances and accounting of a broad range of properties, owners and tenants.


  • Automatic Document Management (document archive storage and retrieval)
  • Maintaining and managing of residential, retail and commercial properties.
  • Management of fees and commissions on a regular basis.
  • Controlling and managing the affairs of Sectional Title and Home Owners Associations.
  • Management and accounting of the affairs of the property management company and other related or unrelated businesses.
  • Management and control of trust accounts.
  • Control of tenant deposits and interest earned.


We do a full assessment of the property as well as financial planning to meet the clients needs: When taking on a new building our 1st point of business is a full assessment of the complex (“walk about”) with the Trustees, assisted by qualified and approved contractors assessing the buildings and common ground on the property.

This assessment forms the basis for short, medium and long term planning in line with the financial position of the Body Corporate. Projects are prioritized in accordance with the above mentioned goals and financial position of the Body Corporate.

In order to integrate technology we also offer a service to clients to host their own website linked to our domain.

This will also allow for easy access to news, bulletins, articles, audited financials, general correspondence and interactions between members of the Body Corporate and BCA.


  • Our managing agents are appointed for a maximum period of 3 year, and more often than not they are re-appointed at the A.G.M. on a yearly basis.
  • Managing Agents usually seek to avoid any competition in their re-appointment and often include their own motion for re-appointment without authorization of the committee, which should not occur.
  • Note: confirmation of the domicilium citandi et executandi (on A.G.M. agenda) indirectly confirms the re-appointment of your Managing Agent. Also check your contract should you wish to terminate the Managing Agents mandate (some contracts stipulate notice must be given 2 or 3 months prior to financial year end).
  • A body corporate is NOT compelled to re-appoint its current Managing Agent.
  • If your body corporate is considering the appointment of a new Managing Agent but doesn’t know how to proceed Cecil and Alice at BCA can HELP.